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Course Notes - Speaking to Inform free essay sample

Some useful addresses are about procedures. 1 . A procedure is a methodical arrangement of activities that prompts a particular outcome or item. 2. Addresses about procedures clarify how something is made, portray how something is done, or pass on how something works. 3. There are two sorts of useful addresses about procedures. A. One sort clarifies a procedure so the crowd will comprehend it better. B. The other sort clarifies a procedure so the crowd will have the option to play out the procedure themselves. 4. Discourses about procedures regularly require visual guides. C.Charts are a powerful method to plot the means of a procedure. D. At times, the speaker should show the means or methods of the procedure. 5. Addresses about procedures require cautious association. E. Addresses that clarify a procedure bit by bit are orchestrated in sequential request. F. Addresses that emphasis on the significant standards or methods engaged with playing out the procedure are generally masterminded in topical request. We will compose a custom exposition test on Course Notes Speaking to Inform or on the other hand any comparable subject explicitly for you Don't WasteYour Time Recruit WRITER Just 13.90/page G. Whichever technique for association is utilized, each progression in the process must be clear and simple for audience members to follow. C. Some enlightening talks are about occasions. Discourses about occasions can manage any sort of occurring or event. The event might be recorded in nature. B. The event might be ordinarily in nature. 2. There are numerous approaches to sort out a discourse about an occasion. C. Addresses that relate the historical backdrop of an occasion are organized in sequential request. D. Discourses that manage specific components of an occasion are generally orchestrated in topical request. D. Some instructive addresses are about ideas. 1 . Talks about ideas pass on data concerning convictions, hypotheses, standards or other theoretical subjects. . Addresses about ideas are normally orchestrated in topical request. C. One regular methodology is to count the fundamental highlights or parts of the idea. D. A progressively mind boggling approach is to characterize the idea, recognize its significant components, and outline it with explicit models. 3. Discourses about ideas are frequently more mind boggling than different sorts of instructive addresses. A. While examining ideas, a speaker ought to stay away from specialized language and characterize terms plainly. B. A speaker ought to likewise utilize models and correlations with make ideas reasonable to audience members. E.The lines isolating peaches about articles, procedures, occasions and ideas are not supreme. Most subjects can fit into more than one classification relying on how the discourse is created. 2. The most significant thing is that speakers choose how they need to deal with a subject and afterward build up the discourse in like manner. II. There are five rules for compelling enlightening talking. A. Enlightening speakers ought to be careful about overestimating what the crowd knows. 3. Much of the time, the crowd will be just ambiguously educated about the speakers point. 4. The speaker can't expect the crowd will realize what the individual methods. Did misconception, the speaker must clarify thoughts altogether and obviously. B. Instructive speakers should discover approaches to relate the subject legitimately to the crowd. 1. Enlightening speakers must perceive that what is entrancing to them may not be captivating to everyone. 2. Successful enlightening speakers work to get the crowd intrigued and to keep them intrigued. E. They start with an innovative presentation that associates the theme with the interests and worries of the crowd. F. They discover ways all through the body of the discourse to discuss the subject as far as their sterner.C. Educational speakers ought to abstain from being excessively specialized. 1. An educational discourse might be excessively specialized on the grounds that the topic is unreasonably specific for the crowd. 2. An educational discourse may likewise be excessively specialized on account of the speakers utilization of Jargon or dark language. 3. Viable instructive speakers select themes that are not very specialized for the crowd. 4. Successful instructive speakers perceive that language suitable for a group of people of experts likely could be befuddling to a general crowd. D. Educational speakers ought to maintain a strategic distance from deliberations. Supplanting dull reflections with explicit subtleties gives an enlightening discourse additionally convincing. 2. One approach to keep away from reflections is intensive depiction. A. Brilliant depictions of outside occasions can bring audience members into the discourse. B. Depiction can likewise be utilized to convey inward emotions distinctively and engagingly. 3. A subsequent method to keep away from reflections is with examinations. A. Correlations permit a speaker to clarify new thoughts in solid, recognizable terms. B. Viable enlightening speakers are capable at utilizing correlations with bring audience members into the discourse. A third method to keep away from deliberations is with differentiate. A. Like examination, agreement can place reflections into solid terms. B. Difference is likewise a superb method to give audience members a feeling of viewpoint on ideas and occasions. E. Useful speakers ought to customize their thoughts. Nothing breathes life into an enlightening discourse more than individual representations. 2. At whatever point conceivable, educational speakers should attempt to writer their thoughts in human terms. 3. The most ideal approach to achieve this is with models genuine or speculative that customize the topic.

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Satire and Fantasy in Kurt Vonneguts Cats Cradle Essay -- Kurt Vonne

Parody and Fantasy in Kurt Vonnegut's Cat's Cradle For this article, I chose to pick two terms that portray Cat's Cradle. I felt that parody and dream were two terms that fit the novel very well. The book qualifies as a parody since it makes a joke of things that were of worry in the sixties. For instance, the Cuban rocket emergency was a major issue in the mid sixties. Religion was paid attention to considerably more, and the nuclear family was all the more firmly twisted. In the novel, the danger comes not from an enormous warhead, yet from a little precious stone of Ice-nine. Religion is satired in Bokononism, which is a religion that depends on lies. The nuclear family is satired by the Hoenikkers. The dad is confined from the real world, the sister is a monster, and the sibling is a smaller person. The Cuban danger is additionally parodied by San Lorenzo and it's despot Papa Monzano. Feline's Cradle likewise has numerous components of imagination woven all through. A little precious stone that can freeze water and can wreck the world and must be halted by a temperature of 114 degrees is a genuine case of the dream component in the novel. It gives the story a practically advanced feel, despite the fact that by current gauges the book is dated. Jonah's entire experience is suggestive of fanciful stories. He excursions to a distant land, San Lorenzo. He is called to experience by Newt's letter. He finds an otherworldly charm, Ice-nine. He begins to look all starry eyed at the lovely lady, Mona. The religion of Bokononism has a dream component to it. Johnson changes his name to Bokonon much like in Buddhism. There are on the whole the works in the Books of Bokonon, and the Boko-maru which are both awesome thoughts in themselves. Feline's Cradle contains numerous components of numerous sorts of kinds. It could be consider... ...t has no genuine inspiration, and for what reason should he when he will be dealt with by Angela for an amazing remainder. I like Newt since he doesn't feel frustrated about himself, and treats everything unassumingly and as though it is self-evident, Isn't everyone [self-taught]? Newt has all the earmarks of being an individual who couldn't care less what every other person thinks and consistently endeavors to be a person. I believe that the parody alone in Cat's Cradle is sufficient to urge humankind to improve a world. Vonnegut causes things to appear to be amusing in the book that truly are not interesting, all things considered, for example, a nuclear bomb, a dad who disregards his kid and every other person, and an island where individuals are hung for rehearsing a specific religion. The book is entertaining, yet it made me consider what the world would resemble on the off chance that it truly was that way. It would be awful, and unquestionably nothing to chuckle at.

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Essay Letter Writing

Essay Letter WritingFor people who are trying to go for an essay, the usage of essay letter writing will be a big help. There are lots of factors that contribute to why essay writing is important.It is extremely important for students to study well and write essays needlessly will not only lead to poor performance but can also prove to be harmful to their future. So, the first thing that a student has to do is to keep a calm mind. People who find writing interesting have to take the time to write an essay even though they know that they are not very good at it.A lot of writing and education experts believe that the results of writing essays will be shown in the student's grades, personality and the future career. While you are going for a writing assignment, you will find that essay letter writing helps a lot. Even a student who does not have much time to write or can not compose a meaningful essay will have a tough time if they try to write it themselves. There is nothing wrong in h aving someone else read it and give constructive criticism but it is always better to be able to sit at your own desk and write a letter yourself.Essay letter writing is not difficult at all if you are able to formulate your topic in a well organized way. While composing an essay, make sure that you come up with a proper topic that will make the students analyze your essay carefully and concentrate on it.Another important thing that you need to do is to write your topic clearly so that no one will be left wondering about what your purpose is. The best way to make sure that your essay is unique is to know what is relevant to your topic. Write an essay about something that is relevant to your topic but make sure that it is brief and to the point.As mentioned earlier, students get bored easily especially when the subjects are more familiar. So, if you want to save your students from boredom, you need to write the topic of your essay as interestingly as possible. If you want your studen ts to read the essay more carefully, make sure that the topics of your essay are easier to understand and more innovative.Well, if you have already started writing the essay, you need to avoid losing your train of thought. In addition, you need to be able to stick to a well-written outline for the essay. This is because once you start creating your outline, your essay is bound to become chaotic and you might not be able to finish the task.The next thing that you need to consider while writing an essay is making sure that you are able to use an essay writing software that will allow you to organize the information that you want to put in your essay easily. The software will help you organize the information that you want to place in your essay with the help of some features that will make sure that you are able to control the format of your essay.

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Learning Styles And Techniques Of Teaching - 898 Words

During my class in Curriculum, Methods, and Assessments: Science and Math, I have had the opportunity to observe two different mathematic teachers. Through those observations I have gained great knowledge and understanding. I was exposed to different teaching, learning styles and techniques. Being able to observe a few different classrooms has given me an opportunity to witness different aspects of teaching. Through all of my observations during college of teachers I am confident that teaching is what I want to do with the rest of my life. I will touch on a few topics from my observation throughout my paper such as, the objective of the lesson, types of methods the teachers used, differentiation instruction, ways the teachers assess learning in the classroom and changes that I could make to the lesson. For my observations at Metzger Middle School, I had the opportunity to observe Ms. Williams and Ms. James sixth grade Mathematics classrooms. During Ms. Williams first period she had a Co-Teacher to assist her students that were ESLs (1 student) and IEP/504 (5 students). A student that was in a wheelchair was also amongst the students; accommodations were made for this student, for example; the co-teacher had the student that was sitting in the first chair by the door move back a desk so that the student could put his chair up the desk. Some of the methods that the teacher provided were mathematical reference sheets and formula charts to help them when answeringShow MoreRelatedEssay about Teaching Techniques for Different Learning Styles771 Words   |  4 PagesTeaching Techniques for Different Learning Styles As teachers we will be faced with many difficult tasks one of which will be finding creative ways to motivate the children in our classes to learn. There are so many teaching techniques it may be overwhelming for new teachers. With the emphasis on test scores and the â€Å"No Child Left Behind† Act many teachers may fear being creative in the classroom. This paper will attempt to explore some creative teaching techniques. Recently there has beenRead MoreMy Teaching Toolbox.. Educ 6513: Teaching Adult Learners.1101 Words   |  5 Pages My Teaching Toolbox. EDUC 6513: Teaching Adult Learners Mohamed Faizalla Yorkville University February 19, 2017 â€Æ' My Teaching Toolbox My understanding of skillful teaching has been formed through my practical teaching experience, and further developed as a master of education student who has the advantage of learning and discussing the most recent literature about education and methodology. I found that I completely agree with, Brookfield’s explanation and understanding of skillfulRead MoreDifferent Learning Styles1314 Words   |  6 PagesDifferent Learning styles commonly Used by the PNTC marine Transportation students A thesis presented to the Under graduate studies PNTC Colleges In partial fulfillment Of the requirement for The research amp; thesis writing By: J’Bryan G. Santiago Ronkiel R. Serrano Dennis L. Garan Rod Carlo D. Agpalo Reggie Eridio Chapter I A. Introduction According to Kolb’s (1984) many people recognize that each person prefers different learning styles and techniques. Learning styles group commonRead MoreLearning Cues for Tennis1421 Words   |  6 PagesI will be discussing the sport of tennis, the learning sequences, the skill techniques, learning cues, and teaching styles in that order. First that will be discussed is the learning sequences for the sport of tennis. According to Physical Education Activity Handbook, when you are first getting started with tennis, you need to introduce the scoring and tiebreaker procedures. Next, you need to explain the equipment used in tennis such as tennis balls and the racket. After that, the teacher shouldRead MoreTeaching Is No Small Feat, No Easy Measure1140 Words   |  5 Pages â€Å"Those who know, do. Those that understand, teach,† once said by Aristotle (Teaching). Teaching has been an art that requires great skill and enormous understanding. Teaching is no small feat, no easy measure. All teachers must work tirelessly in making sure their students succeed and learn far more than just concepts in the classroom. Teachers inspire and encourage their students to go after what they want to do in life. Through observation, I was able to learn about the best practices that workedRead MoreThree Different Types of Teaching Styles Essay619 Words   |  3 PagesThree Different Types of Teaching Styles I am going to be looking at three different types of teaching styles . These are the Command ,Reciprocal and Discovery/problem solving approach. These styles of teaching are used in different circumstances i.e. the age or ability of the group or the type or complexity of the skill and the environment (weather, training surface etc). The type of teaching method the teacher/coach uses depends on these factors and on what skill aspectRead MoreThe Objective Of Learning Styles966 Words   |  4 PagesThe objective of learning is to understand information intended to be learned. According to Brown (2000) learning styles is defined as the manner in which individuals perceive and process information in learning situations (Journal of Studies in Education, 2012). Depending on one s perspective, preferred learning styles help defined in multiple ways to get the most out of any learning or teaching experience. There are several ways to evaluate a person’s learning style, preference, and strategiesRead MoreLearning Styles and Learning Theories963 Words   |  4 Pages Building on from the learning styles and theories I have covered, it is clear to see that although they target multiple learning groups; they fail to underpin any techniques, skills and strategies to become an effective learner. â€Å"Many students can perform and obtain good results, but that itself may be insufficient to make them effective learners. Often the distinction between performance and learning is blurred and many students have difficulty reflecting on how they can learn to become betterRead MoreReflection On Effective Teaching1498 Words   |  6 PagesIntroduction In this analysis, my objective is to reflect on effective teaching and learning strategies and methods, using my personal experience in the classroom, as well as wider reading/research and university lectures, including my contextual analysis on my placement school (see appendix one). However, since there are so many dynamics to effective teaching and learning, one cannot put a finger on a single aspect and use that as a solution. With this in mind, I have chosen to look at two fociRead MoreA Personal Reflection Paper of Teaching Learning1104 Words   |  5 Pagesin background, education, experience, intention make peoples different. You, me, my friends, your colleagues, everyone have different idea, life style, working style, learning style, and teaching style. The followings are my own reflections of learning and teaching based on my experience, moreover, they can be changed along the life. First Learning Style When I studied in bachelor of engineering, I used to get A from one subject that I only sit in the class and listen to the instructor. I used to

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Gandhi The Situational Leader - 3106 Words

Gandhi: The Situational Leader Akanksha Jolly ESLI Gandhi: The Situational Leader According to Burns(1978) â€Å"Leadership is the reciprocal process of mobilizing by persons with certain motives and values, various economic, political, and other resources, in a context of competition and conflict, in order to realize goals independently or mutually held by both leaders and followers† (p. 425). Leaders often find themselves in violent situations, and many of them are unsure of how to proceed in such situations. However, by understanding the need of the situation, they adopt the best approach to overcome challenges which leads to positive outcome. One leader who epitomizes this is Mahatma Gandhi who was able to tie the whole†¦show more content†¦Gandhi analyzed the complexities of the situation thoroughly before making any strategy. Therefore he aimed at using different leadership styles according to the demand of the situation. . According to Northhouse (2014), a transformational leader brings reforms and pursues his followers by making them better aware of the grandness of the outcome of the task. A follower’s motivation and performance in increased by transformational leadership. A transformational leader is measured in terms of his influence on his followers. The leaders bring a positive reform in their followers and pursue people to have knowledge about what needs to be done and to have an essence of their true north. This will help them move to a purposeful action. In this leadership style, the leader also raises the motivation, functioning and team spirit of his follower group. Gandhi instilled the qualities of trust, loyalty, recognition and valuing others which led to a drastic change in the mind and heart of his followers. This all led to the transformation of their belief and principals. Also, their vision was enlarged and they were provided a clear purpose. Gandhi’s followers not only supported him of his non violence movement but also endorsed his ideas in the mass. The situation that led to change in leadership style of Gandhi was the failure of 1857 struggle for freedom which was based on the use of arms and indiscipline which the army encouraged. Gandhi usedShow MoreRelatedLeadership Is A Crucial Part Of Life898 Words   |  4 PagesLeadership is a crucial part of life. Without leaders the world would probably fall apart. People need leaders to follow and to set an example for them. Leaders step up and stand up for what they believe in. They can be men or women and even children. Leaders can be found in every country, state, and city. They are located around the world, but not all leaders are good, effective leaders. There are leaders that abuse their power. However, there are also selfless leaders who truly make an impact on lives. ARead MoreLeadership Styles Of Mohandas Gandhi2209 Words   |  9 PagesFor ages world leaders have practiced different styles of leadership and they have been successful in accomplishing many things from region al peace to world wars. Whether be political, tyrannical, or religious, world leaders from generations past to current all-share similarities and differences in their leadership styles. World leaders have built respect and trust from developed personalities or communication styles to motivate and inspire others into action. All leaders can learn from past successRead MoreArmy Leader: Characteristics of LDRSHIP Essay530 Words   |  3 PagesThe Armys definition of leadership is â€Å"the process of influencing people by providing purpose, direction and motivation while operating to accomplish the mission and improving the organization.† An army leader is anyone who inspires and influences people to accomplish their goals. Leaders motivate people both inside and outside the army to help them pursue their goals, focus thinking, and shape decisions for the better of the army. Leadership can be acquired by anyone as long as they have theRead MoreLeadership As A Key Role For The Success And Excellence Of Any Organization1778 Words   |  8 Pageswe are immediately reminded of their leaders. No one can imagine Microsoft without Bill Gates, Reliance industries without Ambanis, Apple without Steve Jobs and the list goes on and on. The leaders always play a key role for the success and excellence of any organisation whereas leadership indicates the ability of an individual to maintain good interpersonal relations with followers and motivates them to contribute for achieving organisational objectives (Gandhi, 2014). George Terry describes leadershipRead MoreDr. Martin Luther King Jr.1284 Words   |  6 PagesFor as long as groups of people found the need for leaders, whether it was in armed conflict or for managing the needs of the community and organizing the activities of a business, scholars and others have sought to identify what qualities make for good a leaders. Many believe that they know a great leader when they see them but they may be unable to say why in some cases. Across time there have been many leaders, who by dint of the charisma, were able to marshal millions people for follow them inRead MoreMilitary Leadership1493 Words   |  6 Pagesbased on military leadership. The connection between these two worlds of business and military is apparent. Many of today’s companies derive their structure and leadership model from that which is applied in the army. The military typically has a main leader or a decision \ maker, who transmits orders to subordinates at lower levels. This model is almost identical to what is seen in many business organizations throughout the world (Rost, 1993). The US Army defines leadership as â€Å"The process of influencingRead MoreDefinition And Definition Of Leadership1426 Words   |  6 PagesWhile most traits seem to be somewhat inborn and natural to most leaders, it is true that others can be taught and develop the skills over time. Traits. Through behavior and communication, a leader will develop a relationship with their followers that is either negative or positive. Much of this is determined by the type of leadership the individual practices, as well as, the social and emotional intelligence attributes the leader processes. Six different types of leadership approaches have beenRead MoreLeaders Are Made Not Born1700 Words   |  7 Pages Leaders are made not born. If a person has the desire and willpower it can become an effective leader. Good leaders develop through a never ending process of self-study, education, training and experience. Leadership is a process by which a person influences others to accomplish an objective and directs the organization in a way that makes it more cohesive and coherent. Leaders carry out this process by applying their leadership attributes such as beliefs, values, ethics, character, knowledgeRead MoreLeadership Theories and Principles988 Words   |  4 Pagescoherent. Good leaders develop through a never ending process of self-study, education, training and experience. II. Body/Content Leadership theories have emerged through the centuries. They focus on the qualities distinguished between leaders and followers. Others looked at other factors such as situations and skill levels. There are eight major theories of leadership. First, the Great Man theories which assume that the capacity for leadership is inherent – that great leaders are born, notRead MoreOrganizational Objectives : Leadership And Management Essay1500 Words   |  6 PagesOrganizational objectives 3 What leaders do? 4 Importance of leadership 5 Functions of leadership 5 Leadership vs. Management 5 Leadership is more important than management 6 Personal thought 7 The Hersey-Blanchard situational leadership model 9 Referencing 10 Bibliography 11 â€Æ' Section 1 Introduction Leadership can be described as a method of social influence where one individual can join up the help and support of others in the completion of a common job. A leader merely is someone whom people follow

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Business Ethics More Important Than You Think - 1577 Words

Cynthia Kowalski Mr. Flynn English 3, Period 8 30 January 2015 Business Ethics: More Important Than You Think There is no debate that building a business from the ground up is a difficult thing to do. Then, take into account all of the nuts and bolts, the little things that go into running a business. You have employees, inventory, stock, finances and everything that might slip through the cracks to worry about. Most importantly businesses have public perceptions. This very thing defines a business and how successful it may or may not be. The way the public reacts to business determines whether it will sinks or floats. There are two words, which if used correctly can change the fate of a company: business ethics. Ethics play a part in†¦show more content†¦However, Anglo American knew the gains they could make if they showed the public that they took the environment into mind. The company took a more expensive, less environmentally damaging way too mine and hoped that they would gain the public’s approval and it did (Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility). As a m ining company they do impact the environment and their company is a model example of how you can act ethically while doing something others may deem wrong. Even though they took a more financially demanding path, they took ethics into consideration and the company gained more support from the public and even increased the benefits for local communities. To say the least, ethics can help gain support from the public, but it also can improve the work environment. Workplace ethics are a critical part in maintaining and raising levels of productivity and teamwork. As a leading expert in business ethics once said â€Å"Many ethicists note that it’s the developing and continuing dialogue around the code of ethics that is most important in a place of employment.† (Gebler). Like stated before, when coworkers know the code of ethics in the work place they can be more respectful of the rules and regulations that the company set forth. If a company make the ethics and morals of it known to their employees they are less likely to go against them (Russell). However all company’s don’t make their ethical ground known and they pay the price.

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Cement Manufacturing Company in Ireland †

Question: Explain On Cement Manufacturing Company in Ireland? Answer: Introduction: The current report is about an interview the maintenance manager of a cement manufacturing company in Ireland. The report is based on the telephonic interview (Skype) conducted with an objective to gather to gather industrial information from the person and based on the information collected a report is drafted including all the salient issues related to the organizational functionality and maintenance planning. The plant where the current maintenance manager communicated with a cement manufacturing company located in Northern Ireland. The plant is quite big and has capacity of about 0.75MT per annum. There are diverse building materials in the cement domain are being manufactured from the plant and the following is the list of the same. When it comes to the product varieties most of the cement being manufactured in the organization will be marketed in the form of bulk cement, which will be taken away from the plan in the form of custom designed trucks. Another important outlet for t he cement from the plant is in the form of packaged cement. Packaged cement will be carried away from the plant in the form of packages and will be further subjected to whole sale and retail marketing through dealers and other marketing network nodal points. Specialty cement is a particular cement which has is both the white cement and calcium aluminate cement. Both these cements are meant for specialist applications and they will be used for such requirements. Other non-cement products like Ground granulated Blast- furnace slag (GGBS) and Fly ash are also being manufactured in the plant for the sake of construction industry applications. As a whole the plant products are being employed in several countries in Europe apart from indigenous usage in Ireland construction industry. It is one of the dominant manufacturer in cement manufacturing companies in Ireland and belong to the world poplar Lafarge-Holcim Group of cement manufacturers. The following is the essence of the interview c onducted and the summary observations are presented in a suitable format as given below, The person interview is one of the maintenance managers of the organization and he is directly responsible for managing about 23 staff in total. Out of the total 23 staff there are about 5 maintenance engineers 7 maintenance supervisors and about 11 casual labor and General workers. He is responsible for the central maintenance operations and is directly responsible for the Vertical roller mill and the Rotary kiln operations. The entire maintenance operations of the Rotary kiln and the Vertical Roller mills employed in the organization are being planned and managed by this team under his supervision (Upasani 2014). The maintenance operations are well designed and being implemented in almost all the companies in the group. KPI (Key performance Indicators) are designed with an objective to improve the overall performance of the plant and they will be used as reference to understand the trend in the organization. Essentially KPIs will formulate a framework to take right steps to further improve the operational performance of the organization. They will be formulated to visualize the overall vision and the mission of the maintenance department of the organization. Ideally the process of formulating the KPIs consist in collection of maintenance data from different divisions of the organization from the statistical reports prepared through the software applications installed in the maintenance department computers. All these computer units are net connected and will record the maintenance planning, the record of the maintenance operations, record the details of the time, equipment usage etc. in the m aintenance operation. The complete information from the maintenance operation is recorded and it will be presented in the form of KPIs for further analysis (Palmer 2014). The following are two areas where the KPIs are used to track the organizational performance, OEE and Equipment Reliability Inventory and Stores management OEE and Equipment Reliability consist in evaluation of the performance of original equipment as well as the reliability of the equipment in general. The following are the KPIs employed in this regard, KPI Mean time between Failures The average time between two failures of the equipment is expected to increase with time At present the VRM (vertical roller mill) - Mean time between two failures is planned to increase by 10% for every year. KPI - % Emergency work Out of total maintenance time, the time required to be invested for the control of the emergency down time of the equipment is the issue measured with this KPI. % Emergency work is expected to be less than 10% of the total maintenance time. This speaks of the reliability of the equipment. Inventory and stores management is another domain that relates the company sales and marketing operations and the results of the analysis of the KPIs in this section can be utilized for organizational production planning as well. Some of the KPIS like lead time can also provide an insight into the supply chain operations and their efficiency and this in-turn will provide further focus on the organizational operations. The following are few KPIs being employed by the current organization to control its inventory and stores management operations (Palmer 1999). KPI Inventory turnover This KPI will be computed based on the statistics of the warehouse, the actual sales in the given time divided by the stores capacity will provide the number of times the inventory turnover has occurred in the given time in the organization. This infact will provide an estimate to compute the actual stores capacity and will provide an insight towards the actual sales trends as well as the need for the production capacity planning. The current ware house has inventory turnover of 2.5 in the time duration of 30 days and is increasing at the rate of 5% every year. KPI Lead time It is an indicator designed to find the performance of the supply chain operations in the organization. There is particular reference to the time it takes for the organization to recollect the goods and the material is the actual term measured by Lead time. KPI of lead time should not be too high this should be in accordance with the production planning procedures. At present the lead time for getting Hammers for EV240 crusher employed in the organization is 25 days. ATOX make vertical roller mill is being used in the cement making production line in the current organization. Since the load on the equipment is quite high and is very essential for the process to happen, Vertical roller mill operation is quite critical for the organizational functionality. The maintenance operations of VRM will be scheduled in accordance with the maintenance plan suggested by ATOX. During the preventive maintenance operations all the maintenance operations will be conducted with the suggested equipment and the details of the findings from the range of equipment will be recorded in the online log records. Also there will be back up recorded on the log books. For example the following is the log record of the bearing of the VRM (Wentz 2014) Maintenance Log: (Online) Online there will be record of the maintenance operations in software as well. The record of the events will be made on the software in the proforma almost as shown above. Statistical results: Typical results like yearly lubrications conducted in the bearings. The number of times the bearings are changed. The total down time of the component due to the failure in emergency breakdowns and the total down time of the equipment due to the preventive maintenance operations etc. will be calculated and shown in the records. Remarks: In the current organization a system wide plant maintenance software is being used and there happens accumulation of data from the entries made in the software periodically and based on the outputs and the results obtained there will be decisions taken out for further maintenance of the equipment. 4) Maintenance Crew Structure and operations: Maintenance crew of the organization are divided in planning, scheduling and execution teams. The planning team and the scheduling team will be situated in the central maintenance office and they are instrumental in planning the maintenance operations of the total equipment in the organization. Day to day schedules and the plans of the maintenance operations will be prepared in accordance with the manufacturers specifications and will be supplied to the maintenance engineers of the execution team. Planning and scheduling teams will work only in one shift. Execution teams will work in three shifts a day, in accordance to the production process and in accordance with the resources availability any shift can be assigned of the duty to perform the maintenance work. There will be three different execution teams in the organization, each working in a different shift. Apart from the actual scheduled maintenance work, there will also be a team working for taking of the unscheduled and emerge ncy maintenance activities. Unscheduled and emergency maintenance activities can happen at any time and there will be centralized maintenance co-ordination team taking care of these activities. In case of emergency the task can be assigned to the execution team or special teams can be made from the staff present in on call duty at any time. Generally each maintenance team will be managed by one senior maintenance engineer, two to three junior engineers and around 5 supervisors and general staff in accordance with the requirements of the job (Peters 2014). 5) Maintenance planning in the organization occur in three simultaneous phases, planned and scheduled, unscheduled or emergency and predictive maintenance. Scheduled planning will be done in accordance to the equipment maintenance requirements. Based on the information and data collected from the technical manuals there will be exhaustive preparation of the year round maintenance schedules, And each schedule will be prepared using custom software available in the organization that make use of the resources like manpower, personnel etc. once the entire planning is done, the scheduling of the maintenance activities will be performed and the reports of the same can be generated with the assignment of the particular maintenance staffs along with work orders mentioning the time and associated requisition forms to collect the material from the stores and tool rooms. Once the entire process is complete the maintenance planning will be executed by the respective teams. Unscheduled maintenanc e will be planned as per the need that arise at any time and will be planned as per the priority and resources availability. Generally special provisions will be made in place to face unscheduled maintenance operations. Predictive maintenance is another important key functionality that can happen any time around the year and will be based on continuous systems monitoring and observation (Palmer 1999). 6) The resources to the execution teams will be allocated by the central planning organization. Apart from few permanent resources that rest with the execution teams, most of the consumables and other required resources will be collected by the execution team members from the tool rooms and warehouses from time to time in accordance with the work orders issues to them by the planning division (Reza 2016). 7) The maintenance crew performance will be assessed based on the completed work orders and registered in the system. The statistics like the total down time consumed, the repetition of the trouble from the specific job, the number of times the particular job is under maintenance etc. will be collected and based on the analysis of these facts the maintenance crew operational performance is estimated(Roda 2014). 8) Organization at present is using Enterprise Resources planning software to manage the organizational level plant maintenance operations. Plant maintenance management software will utilize all the operations of the plant and will work for customizing the maintenance planning in accordance with the requirements from time to time (Khan 2003). 9) SMED is the process where in the jobs will be managed and will be changed on the job centers with an objective to minimize the set-up times. The process consist in minimizing the set-up time. There is no much scope to use the technique in the process line. However in the work-shop used for making small size components for supporting transmission system operations SMED process is used. Timer Pro software and techniques are employed to study the change process using Pareto and custom developed methods are developed for better operational feasibility (Aghezzaf 2007). 10) TPM or total production maintenance is the holistic approach of the organization which will be used by the organization to enhance the equipment performance and operation with maximum efficiency (Xiang 2014). TPM is one of the philosophical concerns of the organization. Both 5S and focus on availability, performance, quality and OEE are employed in the organization for the sake of improving TPM (Liu 2004). 11) Number of Destructive and Nondestructive methods are used for the condition monitoring of the equipment. For example ultra sound and acoustic methods are employed for analyzing the bearing conditions. Oil analysis employed to find the condition of the lubricating components (Ben 2016). 12) Manufacturer catalogue of suggestive maintenance operations will be collected, they will be analyzed on the time framework and a cumulative schedule will be prepared to consolidate the maintenance plan of the equipment. Once the maintenance plan is complete it will be executed. However for making the schedule and planning resources availability will be inspected (Lyonnet 2013). 13) PMs are revised occasionally based on condition monitoring and results noticed from there in. Also installation of new parts different from the original equipment manufacturers insist the usage of different PM plans from the actual devised in the system (Yildrium 2014). 14) FMEA is used to analyze the failure mode and causes. In current organization there are several situations being tested with FMEA procedures for example bearings failure in the VRM are often worked to analyze the bearing failure trends and analysis (Wang 2015). 15) Energy consumption cost of captive power plant (Generator working with Diesel fuel) worked on to reduce by improving the operational performance. Special servicing installation of new engine components, removing internal fillings etc. often performed to enhance the performance of the generators (Ahmadi 2017). 16) RCA is encouraged in maintenance teams. Generally RCA will be performed at managerial and supervisory levels based on the information and data collected for the analysis of the routine maintenance activities. The information collected will be analyzed and evaluated of the basic reasons of failure (Verbert 2017). 17) CMMS of Cworks is being used at the workshops and distributed maintenance operations. However central planning is mostly done on the ERP-PM module (Hosking 2014). 18) Quality checkup division of the procurement section will typically checks the integrity of the intake material used in the organization for new installations (Upasani 2017). Yes, consignment stocking of parts is used (Palmer 2014). Minimum inventory levels for the spares will be determined based on the yearly usage trends and maintenance records (Singh 2014). CMMS and ERP-PM software will generate the spare requirement orders based on the work orders and the maintenance record statistics. Yes, inventory turnovers are formally measured and KPIs are developed to take up further decisions. Ballmark figure of spend on sales will be about $2 million every year. 20) Rather than skill I can say the commitment, hard-work and dedication will make the difference and will contribute for the performance of the job well. Recommendations Since the organization is following solid maintenance plan and execution as such there are no any specific remarks that can be provided. However I wish the planning and execution in the organization can be decentralized. Particularly the operations on the key equipment like kiln, VRM and CCS should be separated from the maintenance of the support equipment like conveyor belts, other transmission units like belts etc. This will contribute to the capacity build up of the skills of the people. Also there is need to have more execution teams in the plant. Apart from that Lafarge is truly performing world class operations in maintenance. I make recommendations to have a separate RD for the maintenance activities of the plant with particular focus on the RCA(Root cause Analysis) and KPI improvements. Conclusion: The current report is a comprehensive coverage of the interview of diverse issues in the plant from the maintenance manager. 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